Les amis d'Art Absolument

The artistic context is richer and richer, but it is doubtless that it becomes less and less readable, and that its link to the intellectual and social interests that we are confronted to loses its clarity. Its rhythm is more mercantile, and leaves less time and space to in-depth knowledge and the exchange of ideas. 
This is the reason why we want Art Absolument to create a movement and that from beyond its magazine, for it to become a true circle of Amis (friends) that can have a regular conversation around three themes: 
- Love and Discover
- Think and Discuss
- Choose and Collect

With this goal in mind, we decided to open in September 2017 l'ESPACE ART ABSOLUMENT at 11, rue Louise Weiss, in the 13th arrondissement in Paris, opposite Station F, new and dynamising edifice dedicated to the new technologies. 
Our space will receive each month an artist who will be able to show their work, their artistic world and their career path as they wish to, and who will converse with the AMIS D'ART ABSOLUMENT in an informal manner or during special events with important figures who will be able to shed light and comment their approach.

Open all throughout the year, l'ESPACE ART ABSOLUMENT will welcome in a privileged manner the AMIS during encounters with the artists. We prolong these encounters by offering our AMIS, six times a year, a special event outside the walls of the Espace with links to a current event debate, an artist, or a major exhibition. Regarding the magazine itself, which stays true to its editorial line, it will offer the AMIS D'ART ABSOLUMENT an enriched experience : beyond the six annual issues, they will receive all of our special issues and all of the booklets produced for our exhibitions. Furthermore, all of the limited editions of Art Absolument, in particular our original prints (including beautiful works from Barthelemy Toguo, Ayman Baalbaki, Carole Benzaken, Jean-Pierre Raynaud... produced exclusively for Art Absolument) will be offered to the AMIS D'ART ABSOLUMENT at preferential conditions. 

To become AMI of ART ABSOLUMENT, fill in the form, we will get in touch with you.


For only 12€ per month, you will receive:
- SUBSCRIPTION to the magazine
- The EXHIBITION CATALOGUES of the Espace Art Absolument
- Access to our ARCHIVES and ONLINE issues since its creation in 2002
- PASSES to a selection of exhibitions, art fairs, and films
- Invitations and participation to CULTURAL EVENTS

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