Odilon Redon

1840 (Bordeaux) / 1916 (Paris)

"How many times, oh very sincere testimony, have I taken the charcoal of a hand browned by the earth that in gardening I had just touched! To leave the city, to go to the fields, to approach a village in its rustic tranquility, it is always that I felt the tremors of a small heartbeat that made me serious, and that, suddenly gathered in a return on myself, I stammered, distracted, that the truth of the life was to live there - can be. [...] In addition to the dispositions received under the influence of the world and the place that surround him, the artist also yields, to a certain extent, to the demanding powers of the material that he employs: pencil, charcoal, pastel, oily paste, print black, marble, bronze, earth or wood, all these products are agents that accompany him, collaborate with him, and also say something in the fiction that he is going to provide. Matter reveals secrets, it has its genius; it is for it that the oracle will speak."
conference of Odilon Redon, art absolutely n°14, autumn 2005

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