Françoise Vergier

1952 (Grignan)
Living in : Paris et Grignan
Working in : Paris et Grignan
Artist's webSite

Françoise Vergier has an extremely strong relationship with the earth and most of her works establish a link between the female body and the landscape, between the intimate and the world. In the 1970s, she distanced herself from a conceptual aesthetic and called up references as varied as Courbet, Vermeer, Hölderlin, Giorgione... From the 1980s onwards, her sculpture was enriched by a new weight and found a more embodied expression in quotations from fragments of the female body: the head, the bust, the hand, the navel, the eye. Halfway between object and sculpture, Françoise Vergier's works, sometimes bordering on kitsch, always have a strong metaphorical and poetic charge.

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