Valérie John

1964 (Martinique)
Living in : Trinité (Martinique)
Working in : Trinité (Martinique)
Artist's gallery

About her installation "Éclairage in situ" presented in 2008 at the Fondation Clément, Valérie John said: "In this space of the Fondation Clément, the initial idea was to use the place as a motif, as the work itself, and to shape it with color-light by filling it with indigo. Knowing that it was impossible to fill it physically, the material used was light: a certain type of light with colors that go from Congo blue to dark indigo -that is to say, to black- and crossed by shadows to darken this indigo even more. [This encounter with this space which is a palimpsest space, which was an economic and historical stake, made me think that it would be interesting to "weave with" and to make it cross with these colored threads which are colors-lights.
Art absolument n°25, June 2008.

Artist's issues

Issue 25

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