Halim Al-Karim

1963 (Iraq)
Living in : Denver
Working in : Denver
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Halim Al-Karim is one of those young artists who, following the war in Iraq, found refuge in neighbouring countries or in Northern Europe. Since then, revelations have emerged with works marked by an innovative aesthetic research and an underlying ironic and critical content in the face of the drama of the Iraqi people. Contemporary artist known for his blurry images that explore problems related to power, violence and memory. Born in Najaf, Al-Karim studied at the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts and the Ritveld Academy in Amsterdam. Opposing Saddam Hussein, Al-Karim fled military service during the Gulf War and hid for three years in the desert, living in a hole before immigrating to the United States. This experience would later influence his work and his penchant for mysticism and spirituality. Through his photographs, Al-Karim describes subjects covered with a veil or presents them blurred, creating ephemeral dreamlike works.

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Issue 26

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