Gérard Schlosser

1931 (Lille)
Living in : Paris and Drôme
Working in : Paris and Drôme
Artist's gallery

"In my home, everyone fantasizes about the image based on their relationship with each other in life. I spend hours painting and always things I like. This is what differentiates me from the painters of narrative figuration [...] I use an old Leica, do only black and white because it is more practical to enlarge my documents and I am not bothered by the colors. I use friends as models. Then I cut out the images, make my own assemblies, my own montage [...] My painting is apparently anodyne, but it suggests a lot [...] I have a very caressing look. I observe closely, I see details that captivate me: the curve of a shoulder, the transparency of a finger, the chubbiness of a foot."

Artist's issues

Issue 33
Issue 50

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