Lucas Cranach le vieux

1472 (Cranach (Deutschland)) / 1553 (Wittenberg (Deutschland))
Living in : Wittenberg (Deutschland)
Working in : Wittenberg (Deutschland)

If Cranach remains undoubtedly inseparable from the collective memory of the West for having stripped the decent and clerical virgins of the late Gothic period, he remains one of these famous artists, only through the mediation of one or even two of their compositions, arbitrarily chosen among a teeming production. Cranach is still astonishing today for his unique canon of beauty, or rather, which will not be copied after his modest emulators... Cranach remains the perfect representative of this German school that he helped to elaborate and in which the dishevelled pathos of popular religion is embodied in an anguished reading of the holy story.

Artist's issues

Issue 38


Les Primitifs flamands

Les Primitifs flamands Erwin Panofsky Hazan [Concernant les primitifs,] l’introduction la plus fascinante qui soit demeure Les Primitifs flamands d’Erwin Panofsky. Dans l’édition qu’il en donna en 1992, Éric Hazan dut rappeler que “ce livre est devenu un classique et constitue ce qu’il est convenu d’appeler une somme, et relative à un sujet qui reste trop mal connu, en France ...


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