Bernar Venet

1941 (Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban)
Living in : between New-York and Le Muy
Working in : between New-York and Le Muy
Artist's webSite

“The desire to create a distance between the work and me has been a constant since my very beginnings. I have always said about “piles of coal” that anyone can make them provided they respect this “shapeless” aspect that characterizes them. Same thing with “collapses”, whether they are “arcs” or “straight lines”. If the opaque comes from this idea of distance, then yes, this is an inherent particularity in my work and it persists. This commitment to neutrality was probably a reaction to abuses of expression. »
Excerpt from the interview with the artist by Philippe Piguet, Revue Art Absolument N°39, January-February 2011

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