Luc Tuymans

1958 (Mortsel, Belgique)
Living in : Anvers, Belgique
Working in : Anvers, Belgique
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Confronting himself with cinema like Gerhard Richter with photography, Tuymans records a real vagueness, or rather blurred, passed through the selective sieve of memory or, conversely, seen clinically and anonymously by a surveillance camera. In both cases, the real wavers, unstable and disturbed – if not troubled – by the movement of life as well as that of emotion. The artist, around 1982, had moreover turned to experimental cinema and had temporarily abandoned painting, to make small films in super-8 black and white, which required little light. If Tuymans still cherishes the idea of ??designing a four-handed cartoon today, he ended up finding a way to project his images in painting alone. Far from the emotional aesthetics of reality TV, he chooses his motifs buried in archives, whether these belong to his personal history or to the collective memory. For him, “existence is like a montage”.

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Issue 40
Issue 89

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