Abderrahim Yamou

1959 (Casablanca)
Living in : entre Paris et Marrakech
Working in : entre Paris et Marrakech
Artist's webSite

Divided between his two studios in Paris and Marrakech, Yamou draws with talent on the entire substratum of Eastern and Western approaches. The series Accord et concordances reconciles on the same surface the motif of the flower with that of the arabesque, two accents of painting that the artist will never cease to combine. In Red Sol 1 (2005), the grasses are captured in the bright red colour space and reduced to a mere ornamental motif. This decorative approach encourages the eye to skim the canvas and focus on the surface of the painting, which refers to nothing but itself. In his recent work, Yamou has retained the breadth of gesture from his early abstract works, which he uses to wipe out this past and introduce the figurative.


Catalogue de l'exposition "Traits d'Union. Paris et l'art contemporain arabe"

This bilingual (French-English) publication of 208 pages illustrated with 200 color images is the catalog of the exhibition of the same name taking place at the Villa Emerige, Paris 16th from October 15 to November 12, 2011. In addition to placing the works presented during the exhibition in the context of the personal approaches of each of the artists, it offers a plurality of points of view o ...


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