Nermine Hammam

1967 (Cairo)
Living in : Cairo
Working in : Cairo
Artist's webSite

Nermine Hammam is an Egyptian photographer who studied art in New York, and whose work was shown at the Photoquai event in 2009 at the Quai Branly. Her photographs, which are similar in treatment to the pictorial universe, depict a complex reality, made up of multiple layers, which surrounds her, by superimposing several levels of reading. Her compositions combine a sense of ornament and social criticism, reviving an oriental decorative vocabulary while subverting it. Working on temporality, she subtly mixes digital images and damaged films or rolls of film that she "paints". Referring to several aesthetics, she summons oriental civilizations and art history, documentary and mythical figures. She regularly stays in Paris.

Artist's issues

Issue 43


Catalogue de l'exposition "Traits d'Union. Paris et l'art contemporain arabe"

This bilingual (French-English) publication of 208 pages illustrated with 200 color images is the catalog of the exhibition of the same name taking place at the Villa Emerige, Paris 16th from October 15 to November 12, 2011. In addition to placing the works presented during the exhibition in the context of the personal approaches of each of the artists, it offers a plurality of points of view o ...


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