Vladimir Velickovic

1935 (Belgrade) / 2019 (Paris)
Artist's gallery

Vladimir Velickovic witnessed the atrocities perpetrated by Nazi troops in the Serbian capital, scenes of violence that can be found implicitly in his pictorial work. A graduate of the Belgrade School of Architecture in 1960, Velickovic turned almost immediately to painting and exhibited for the first time in 1963 in his hometown. In 1966, the artist moved to Paris where he still lives and works. It was revealed and consecrated to the Parisian public a year later thanks to an exhibition at the Galerie du Dragon. An important member of narrative figuration, the artist "above all tries to leave a scar" in the memory of the spectators. Recognized internationally, professor at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris from 1983 to 2001, he is today one of the most famous painters of the former Yugoslavia living in France with Dado. He is represented by the Samantha Sellem gallery.

The artist is also represented by the Galerie Anne-marie et Roland Pallade in Lyon

Artist's issues

Issue 45
Issue 50

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