Philippe Favier

1957 (Saint-Étienne)
Living in : entre Veaunes et Nice
Working in : entre Veaunes et Nice
Artist's gallery

Since the 1980s until today, Philippe Favier has been able to renew his Lilliputian universes with great inventiveness, through a practice of "tightrope walker alchemist". Passionate about discoveries, greedy for the flesh of time, he diverts in his series various materials and supports, from the most derisory to the most unusual: sardine cans, slates, old photos, old maps, cadastral plan or antiphonary ... Distilling the real into a dream, transforming an "already there" into a "still there", Favier breathes new life into a sleeping memory by putting his mark on it. By grafts, traces, erasures, the artist creates a country populated with thousand and one fabulous or historical figures, skeletons, birds, hybrid animals or astonishing machines.
On the lands of the image, Favier strolls as a tightrope walker. Balancing on the thread of things, the acrobatic artist is a juggler of words and a traveler of extremities. He defuses the drama in light and colored pirouette, grime the noble figure with the blush of the trivial, strolls the death in sparkling costume in the carnival of the living and unmasks, under the disguise of the junk world, a face of essential.

Artist's issues

Issue 48
Issue 50

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