1697 (Venise) / 1768 (Venise)

Canaletto raised his favorite genre to unsurpassable perfection thanks to the training techniques he acquired from his father Bernardo Canal, a stage designer adored in a city full of festivals, operas and shows. This theatricalization of his compositions, which was more noticeable at the beginning of his career, marks a filiation with other major landscape artists of the previous century. Outrunning the heady seduction exerted by Marco Ricci's Venetian mirages, Canaletto underpins the painting of the masters who provided the curiosity of travelers enamored of the Serenissima with Caprices, thanks to a refinement in which the islands and canals swarm with small yellow, red or black sections, divinely assembled to depict industrious or impassive silhouettes.

Artist's issues

Issue 49

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