Adel Abdessemed

1971 (Constantine (Algérie))
Living in : Paris et New York
Working in : Paris et New York
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"You can't make art if you're not obsessed with something. But no one has ever been able to really answer this question. So I borrow from Aristotle his phrase: "To be born, to think, to die". So for me, it's about making images [...].
The work of art is always autobiographical. You can't be outside of life. It is a bio-energy in motion. The artist is an attitude, gestures, acts. The gesture must be extreme, otherwise it's useless. I am a romantic, a criminal romantic. To paraphrase Baudelaire, I would say that images can strike hard, without hatred, like the butcher."

Extract from Emmanuel Daydé's interview with Adel Abdessemed and Philippe-Alain Michaud published in the N°50 of the review Art Absolument: publication on 8 November 2012.

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