Jung-Yeon Min

1979 (Gwangju, république de Corée)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

Min Jung-Yeon's universe is populated by curious specimens. Like fossils suspended between the fingers of time, they come to life strangely before our eyes. Ambivalent, mixing the real with the dreamlike, they attract us, disturb us. We see them as hosts of the interiority, in constant struggle, in perpetual metamorphosis: they are the shadow, the child, the animal which in us give rise to beauty or anguish, desire or fear. There, a humanoid form turns into a cocoon of animality. Here, the returning past inhabits the home of the present. Here again, the roots of instinct contaminate the foundations of reason and the walls of thought are invaded by the forest of dreams. What does Min Jung-Yeon paint? The living kind in permanent remodelling. An inner species in the process of being recreated.

Artist's issues

Issue 54

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