Vidya Gastaldon

1974 (Besançon)
Living in : Genève et Grange-Neuve (Ain)
Working in : Genève et Grange-Neuve (Ain)
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"Artists have a natural need to re-examine old trends. For a while it was minimalism, then constructivism, now romanticism and symbolism, but also a certain aesthetic from the 1990s is coming back. The market is also hungry for this, I don't see anything wrong with it, but you just have to be aware of it. It's a bit like a big dance where you end up with the same people. These fashions resonate with aesthetic, social and political issues. And then, one day, it wears out and there is oblivion again... Like an embrace followed by abandonment. I let go of these identifications, because they are only temporary. One day I am recognised as having links with Miyazaki, the next day with Blake or Redon, tomorrow it will be Schnabel or Basquiat perhaps? In the end, I'm a bit of a Sponge Bob. Under influence."

Vidya Gastaldon

Photo: © Tom Haller

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Issue 56

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