Claire Tabouret

Living in : Pantin
Working in : Pantin
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Whether painted or sculpted, anonymous or familiar, Claire Tabouret's figures invite the viewer to a troubling face-to-face encounter. Between identity and otherness, introspection and extroversion, they pose the fundamental question of the individual in relation to the group and of the self in relation to the other. Embodied in the pictorial material as well as in the glazed clay, they impose an implacable presence that exceeds their gaze, which is both inward and outward. It is a question of the one and the many, of the body and the mask, of the upright figure and the bust in a whole production of images at the heart of which the exercise of self-portraiture is a way for the artist to save her own.

Photo: Jennifer Westjohn

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Issue 58
Issue 104

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