Wifredo Lam

1902 (Sagua La Grande) / 1982 (Paris)
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Before returning to his native Cuba in 1942, Madrid, Paris, Marseille and then Fort-de-France were the essential stages in Wifredo Lam's career. In Spain, it was the difficult apprenticeship and the progressive emancipation of the young student from the academic practice, then the frequentation of the Parisian avant-gardes then impregnated with the influence of the African arts. Forced into a new exodus to Marseilles, Lam, in order to avoid waiting for the boat that would take him back to the Americas, participated in surrealist collective games, exquisite corpses and automatic practices. The last two phases - Paris, Caracas, Havana, Albissola, Zurich and Paris-Albissola - are punctuated by multiple trips and experimentation with new materials and plastic orientations.

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Issue 68

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