Vincent Bioulès

1938 (Montpellier)
Living in : Montpellier
Working in : Montpellier
Artist's gallery

Vincent Bioulès may well have invented the name Supports/Surfaces, a group of variable geometry - with Devade, Viallat, Dezeuze, Saytour, ... - which only had a formal existence from 1970 to 1972, he can remember "never having read a line of Greenberg's work", which "was told to him [then] like a fairy tale". In parallel with his Hard Edge abstraction, Bioulès nevertheless continued to paint from the motif. For him, this figurative practice was not a return, but was "enlivened" by his acquaintance with the Matisse paintings at MoMA and their viewing in 1978 in New York - reversing Greenberg's perspective, which was that they were a milestone in the abstract tradition.

Artist's issues

Numéro 70

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