Frits Thaulow

1847 (Christiania (Norvège)) / 1906 (Edam-Volendam (Pays-Bas))

It all began on the deck of a schooner. The young Thaulow, who was born in Christiana, now Oslo, learned to paint there by tackling the fjords and coastlines that surrounded him. Later, this nomadic artist set up his easel in the Pays de Caux and in Picardy, before finally settling in France in 1892. But he remained a traveller, travelling in a caravan with his wife and children, which did not prevent him from enjoying the joys of transatlantic voyages on their way to America. There, at the stern, after having squared his colossal build to the sea, he painted Sillage d'un paquebot (Wake of a liner) in 1898: the brusqueness of the brushstrokes and the grey chromatisms smell of sea spray and announce Nicolas de Staël's Seagulls. Discovering an unjustly unknown artist is always a good surprise.

Extract from the article by Ulysse Baratin published in the N° 72 of the review parution juillet 2016

Visual : Alfred Roll
Thaulow and his wife
Photo (C) RMN-Grand Palais / Agence Bulloz

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