Laurent Grasso

1972 (Mulhouse)
Living in : Paris et New York
Working in : Paris et New York
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"In my work, the documentary, scientific, realistic part always reinforces the fiction. It is easy to find stories in reality that are much more disturbing and compelling than in fiction itself. Nourished by the truth of the data collected from different laboratories, the animation visible on the silos is the best basis for a scenario. It is a poetic interpretation of a scientific background. I am not interested in the scientific aesthetics per se but in the impact I can create with it in the viewer. Rather than reproducing scientific graphs, for example, which may otherwise have a real aesthetic, I prefer to look at the substance, at what it really means. This is why I take up different fields of research, cinema, art history, surveillance according to Michel Foucault's research, the idea of the device in general, everything that controls and influences our lives, architectures, the way power uses a setting, an atmosphere to consolidate its exercise, as I tried to show in my film Élysée."

Extract from Laurent Grasso's interview with Henri-François Debailleux published in the N°72 of the review Art Absolument , Juillet 2016

Visual : crédit photo François Bouchon

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