Vanessa Fanuele

1971 (Paris)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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"I studied architecture and worked alongside my father, who is an architect and museographer. After various experiences in agencies, I became a consultant architect for a programming firm. It was an opportunity to be in contact with the reserves of many museums and to study the collections. I think that this was the first thing that clicked for me, in an unconscious way, I probably wanted to create my own collection. Very quickly, I also realised that what interested me in architecture was the birth of the project, all the imagination that can be developed from the initial constraints. As soon as it became too concrete, I felt I was missing out. In this job, what I liked in the end was the concept, the sketches, the preparatory drawings, the models. Today I realise that I find all these things in my artistic approach. It's as if architecture had been left aside, through a rather visceral and informal practice, but that it's resurfacing now." Vanessa Fanuele

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Issue 74

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