Robert Rauschenberg

1925 (Port Arthur (Texas)) / 2008
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After a long trip to Italy, Spain and Morocco with his friend Cy Twombly, who had resettled in New York near Jasper Johns, between 1953 and 1964, Rauschenberg invented a fascinating succession of Combines, hybrid creations in three dimensions that renewed the heritage of Duchamp's ready-mades, the Dadaist assemblages and the collages of Kurt Schwitters (Merz): he mixes painting, newspapers, calendars, personal photos, portraits of Venus of Velasquez or Rubens or drawing of the friend Twombly (Rebus, 1955), and adds to them the most heterogeneous ordinary objects gleaned until in the street, scraps or waste, random but significant "gifts" of the cities that he explores: Coca-Cola bottles, shoes, army parachute, car debris, large bucket (For Ganymede, 1959), metal structures (Gift for Apollo, 1960), ties, zippers, even stuffed animals, like the eagle in Canyon (1959)... "All a stuff that is to the world what it is to the world. A whole stuff that is to the world what the body is to the human being", underlines Achim Borchardt-Hume, because "this tireless experimenter operates a fusion between these materials and the noblest strategies of art to compose visual rebus often enigmatic".

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