Stephen Dean

1968 (Paris)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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Valeur des oeuvres (donnée à titre indicatif) : Aquarelles sur journaux 2 000 €, vidéos jusqu'à 15 000 €

Abacuses of shimmering marbles strung in superimposed rows on a frame that becomes a painting, crossword puzzle grids covered here and there with brightly colored squares, metal ladders between the rungs of which are arranged plates of dichroic glass, stacks of paperback books set up against the wall showing only their monochrome edges, a film shot in India at the time of the festival of color, another one made in Rio showing the variegated exuberance of the Brazilian fans... In the only description of his works, the art of Stephen Dean is presented in the order of two essential characteristics: the color and the diversity of the practices. If he willingly declares that he is a painter, it is not only a simplification of language but the will to affirm that the idea of painting presides over the realization of each of his pieces.

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Stephen Dean

Titre : Trampolines
ESAM de Caen: 7 janv . - 28 fév. 2010
Collaboration sonore: Vincent Theard
Réalisation: Vincent Royer.
Durée : 3.14 mn
Il s'agit de la "visite" d'une immense installation vidéo dont les images de foules, de transes et de rites sont vues par le filtre d'une caméra thermique.


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