Anita Molinero

1953 (Floirac)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

"In the 1990s, my work reused plastic and garbage cans. I was making assemblages that Xavier Douroux had called "SDF" ("Sans désignation fixe"), because I refused to name them. They were assemblages of foam, of objects recovered in the street... It is then that I became interested in containers. I went from waste, individual residue, to industrial residue. All these objects have a common point: they keep something of their origin and their use. A trash can, a container, even if I transform them, remain a trash can and a container. I keep a trace of their previous existence. At the same time, the forms that I create add an axis of reading. Some of my sculptures are very anthropomorphic. The trash cans sometimes look like big mouths." Anita Molinero

Artist's issues

Issue 77
Issue 92

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