Elsa Sahal

1975 (Bagnolet)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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"The sculptors I had as teachers at the Beaux-Arts school have of course nourished me: Georges Jeanclos and Erik Dietman. From the former, I have kept the technique of modeling: I build my pieces around a void, scaffolding the forms from the bottom to the top, playing between the desire to erect a volume and the tendency of the clay to collapse. My work is the antithesis of Jeanclos': he never showed the body, only the face in its essential and permanent character and the bodies buried in the folds of the earth. He also used stamping in molds, which I do not use at all. As for my meeting with Dietman, it was essential in my training because in his studio, everything was authorized, allowed, humor too, and we abandoned the spirit of seriousness of modern art."
Elsa Sahal

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