1936 (Caraïbes)
Living in : France
Working in : France
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When her husband, the painter Dado, was exhibiting at the Nahon gallery, we met his wife Hessie, but no one knew that she was also producing, in a hushed and obstinate discretion, an artistic activity. At the antipodes of the very drawn and black world of her husband, Hessie proposes a minimal approach based on fabrics, sewings, embroideries, domestic waste, buttons... Thus the critic Aline Dallier places her in the 1970s in the group of the "New Penelopes", these militant artists who reappropriate the arts then considered as "minor" where one likes to lock up women to put forward in a subversive way the artistic value of their use of the textile. Hessie creates a real questioning of language and her minimal and poetic aesthetic takes today its place between Arte povera and Support/Surface: she makes works of art with her skilful hands.

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Issue 79

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