František Kupka

1871 (Opocno, en Bohême orientale) / 1957 (Puteaux)

Already in 1905, Kupka wrote: "There is no need to copy trees when we see better made in reality on the way to the galleries ... I paint, yes, but only conceptions ... syntheses, agreements and so on ... " Affiliated with the "Group of Puteaux" and in 1912 to the creation of "The Golden Section", Kupka is part of the post-Cubist artists, with Villon, Duchamp, Metzinger, Picabia or Loth, who claim the singularity of their approach. He evokes in painting, as Arp in sculpture, the spiritual condition of the artist seeing. In the 1930s, as scouts for concrete art, they were reunited with Herbin for the creation of the "Abstraction-Création" movement, which gave rise to the "Salon des Réalités Nouvelles".

Artist's issues

Issue 82
Issue 91

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