Karine Rougier

Living in : Région Paca
Working in : Région Paca

Drawings, collages, paintings, Karine Rougier's art is required by an irrepressible necessity to the syncretic collusion of diverse and varied images to establish the terms of a fully original aesthetic. The bizarre, the strange and the incongruous determine a singular world, other, whose ins and outs participate in the elaboration of improbable, mysterious, often irrational playlets. Distortion, caricature, make-up, disguise, redaction are the recurrent means she uses in her collages, assemblages and paintings to create a whole world of disfigured, hybrid, puppet and even monstrous figures. The examples of Odilon Redon and Jean-Jacques Grandville - author in 1844 of a magnificent engraved album entitled Un autre monde - are not far away. But also the engraved scenes and paintings of Goya or, closer to us, the childish figures and scary dioramas of the Chapman brothers.

Extract from the article by Philippe Piguet

Artist's issues

Issue 87

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