Minjung Kim

1962 (Gwangju (Corée))
Living in : Italie, France et Etats-Unis
Working in : Italie, France et Etats-Unis
Artist's gallery

Clearly anchored in her original culture, the plastic approach of Korean artist Minjung Kim nevertheless spontaneously challenges the Western viewer. The strength that emerges from them - apart from the undeniable formal experience - is also due to the simultaneous perception of their mode of execution, to an almost immediate holistic perception. His paintings with their "minimal", repetitive aesthetic are both the result and the subtle demonstration of their elaboration. The contradictory parameters at the center of the work are thus proposed frontally: there is there, to apprehend together, at the same time an exercise of creation visually very controlled and the concomitant evidence of a deliberate setting in danger.

Minjung KIM, Saint-Paul de Vence, 2019
Grégoire Gardette

Artist's issues

Issue 90

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