Anaïs Lelièvre

Living in : Paris et Marseille
Working in : Paris et Marseille
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To describe Anaïs Lelièvre's approach is to question the place of our body in space and to become aware of the changes in the state of it's nature. The drawing and the mode of the installation constitute the two fundamental vectors of its work in the implementation of spaces to be lived in which aim at blurring all our reference marks. The artist thus instructs the terms of an unknown, even unnameable elsewhere, whose experience leads the viewer to the edges of a vacillation. In the quasi Rimbaldian way of a test at the same time cognitive and sensitive.

Extract from the article of Philippe Piguet published in N°94 Art Absolument review.

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Anaïs Lelièvre, Processus de création - Germe

Processus de création - Germe
Germe, 2015-2016.
Dessin et écriture, encre sur papier, 1,96 x 2,5 mètres.
© Anaïs Lelièvre


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