Thierry Le Saec

Living in : Languidic
Working in : Languidic
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Thierry Le Saëc develops since more than 20 years his visual artist works, privileging the painting and the drawing. Since a few years, he explores new materials using the photography and digital image. For Thierry Le Saëc, there is no border between the various workshops. Each technique allows the rebound, relaunches and nourishes the creative process. He looks for and explores all the techniques which allow the work to be thinked and realized. Drawing, painting, engraving, prints, highlights... up to the exploration of new techniques linked to digital technology and the possibilities offered by computer software, everything can be explored. The only condition is to look for the right tool that allows to be as close as possible to a truth or a necessity, with the only ambition to share and dialogue around it.

Artist's works


François Jeune. L'Entretien de la peinture

L’Entretien de la Peinture est un livre fait par un peintre, autour de la peinture aujourd’hui en 2020. Il réunit quinze entretiens et quinze articles, sur et avec 29 artistes peintres généralement de la génération post Supports/Surfaces et une philosophe de l’art contemporain. Pour le flux amical de plus de vingt ans d’échanges autour de la peinture. Sommaire Peindre ? - En ...


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