Claude Briand-Picard

Living in : Saint-Armel ( Morbihan )
Working in : Saint-Armel ( Morbihan )
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Claude Briand-Picard's pictorial approach, inaugurated in the 1970s, appears to be formally close to that of the Support-Surface movement, but it is free from a radical theorization of the pictorial medium. His personal research focuses on the relationship between the body and painting and on the emancipation of color. He breaks with the traditional and historical mode of appearance of the color avoiding the metaphor, the allegory and the illusionism. Drawing on the legacy of Marcel Duchamp, he takes his forms and materials from the surrounding reality and more particularly from the industrial world and takes up the negation of technique, the abandonment of the gesture of covering the surface with color, thus introducing the principle of "readymade color". His works based on the appropriation of colored materials are above all objects of experimentation and no longer objects of recognition.

Artist's works


François Jeune. L'Entretien de la peinture

L’Entretien de la Peinture est un livre fait par un peintre, autour de la peinture aujourd’hui en 2020. Il réunit quinze entretiens et quinze articles, sur et avec 29 artistes peintres généralement de la génération post Supports/Surfaces et une philosophe de l’art contemporain. Pour le flux amical de plus de vingt ans d’échanges autour de la peinture. Sommaire Peindre ? - En ...


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