Juan Garaizabal

1971 (Madrid)
Living in : Madrid
Working in : Madrid, Berlin, Miami
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I’ve been meditating a great deal on the question of travel because I have, in fact, been moving between continents for a long time. If tomorrow someone offered me an interesting project to do in Cape Town, South Africa, I’d leave immediately. I’m currently travelling for my work among three different studios, one in Berlin, one in Miami, and one in Madrid, but I’m also developing major projects for China. I’ve been diligently studying Chinese and I already know the language well enough to be able to speak up and take part in an artistic debate. When I create a new work, I look for the most significant elements in the history of a city or a country. But, as the work is concerned with public space, it is not enough simply to imagine a sculpture and then produce and install it. I want my creation to raise questions and elicit reactions

Extract from the monograph published by Editions Art Absolument.

Du singulier à l’universel
From singular to universal

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Issue 97

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"Tomorrow in my collection" with Juan Garaizabal

Interview between Juan Garaizabal and Christine Siméone

"Juan Garaizabal is not the kind of person who hides behind his works. He reinstalls the memory of palaces, chapels, lampposts by building their metallic silhouettes in the places where they once stood and where they no longer stand today..."



Juan Garaizabal, du singulier à l'universel

L'artiste espagnol Juan Garaizabal et sa galerie, Bogéna Galerie ont confié aux Editions Art Absolument la réalisation d’une monographie parcourant plusieurs de ses installations à travers le monde. "Mes Memorias Urbanas sont des installations artistiques de grande taille qui visent à recréer l’esprit de récits héroïques. Le temps n’existe pas. La seule réalité, ce sont les év ...


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