James Rosenquist

1933 (Grand Forks) / 2017 (New York)
Living in : New York
Working in : New York

James Rosenquist was born in North Dakota, as a child, he follows his parents from town to town before settling in Minneapolis. His mother, a painter herself, encourages her son's artistic interest. In high school, he won a short-term scholarship to the Minneapolis School of Art, then studied at the University of Minnesota from 1952 to 1954, when graduating he moved to New York to study at the Art Students League. In 1960, he settled at the Coenties Slip in New York where he shared a studio with the minimalist artist Charles Hinman. Influenced by his work as an advertising painter on very large formats, his perception of things changes : he paints monumental and very colourful paintings, "fragments of reality". Many of Rosenquist's paintings are inspired by advertising. The 2004 Guggenheim Foundation retrospective showed the artist's preparatory collages. Most of these collages were taken from tobacco, car or drink advertisements. The best examples are Hey! let's go for a ride and I love you with my ford.

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