Pat de Wilde

1949 (Lille)
Living in : Marseille
Working in : Marseille
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Patrick de Wilde has traveled the world as a wonderfully passionate spectator. He writes, "I have only endeavoured to respond spontaneously to the call of beings and things in such a way as to coincide at best with what they might present as unique and astonishing."
Occupation: Photographe, Dessinateur, Sculpteur, Écrivain, Voyageur. Patrick de Wilde begins his professional work as a photographer reporter in Asia. There he worked on the Buddhist and Jainist religions, which led him to share the way of life of monks, especially in Burma and Thailand. He then turned to the observation of the great wild spaces. He devoted the following years to the study of the most isolated peoples and to the survival of shamanic customs. From his first travels in the early 1980s he made portraits on a black background.

Artist's issues

Issue 102


The nomadic spirit

The photographer and visual artist Pat de Wilde has worked with major magazines such as Grands Reportages, Ushuaïa, Terre Sauvage, BBC Wildlife, Oasis, Géo, Terra. He invites you to discover his work through portraits taken around the world. "With its failures and its strengths, with its gaps and its knowledge, with its capacities and its insufficiencies... each one is a particular landscape. ...


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