Isabelle Lévenez

1970 (Nantes) / 2020
Living in : Aubervilliers
Working in : Aubervilliers
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"Video allows me to work simultaneously with movement, time, space and sound, which I could not do in painting. Moreover, as I was looking to work in the mode of palimpsest by making all sorts of superimpositions, accumulating frames and layers on top of each other in order to show the process taking place, or even being able to erase it and come back to it, video turned out to be the most appropriate tool for this type of approach. It was really the video material that interested me and this unique thing that it offers to be able to restore the presence of a person by the image, to be in front of him in his physical absence.

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Isabelle Lévenez

Artiste : Isabelle Lévenez
Titre : Arc en ciel
Réalisation : Isabelle Lévenez
Durée : 3.18 mn
Année : 2004


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