André Marfaing

André Marfaing : Sans titre 1978 Acrylique sur toile, 162 x 130 cm (réf. atelier mars 78-2) © Photo J-L. Losi    André Marfaing : Sans titre 1977 Acrylique sur toile, 200 x 200 cm (réf. atelier Mars 77-2) © Photo J-L. Losi    André Marfaing : Sans titre 1978 Collage sur toile, 61 x 50 cm (réf. atelier G.5) © Photo J-L. Losi   

The exhibition

Painter of a lyrical abstraction having made the narrow choice of a palette of matte black and white, the work of Marfaing (1925-1987) moved away from figuration after his discovery of the works of Soulages and his friend Gérard Schneider, as well as Hartung, in Paris in 1949. The exhibition at the Espace Rebeyrolle shows their common spirit: forty-five paintings, washings and collages are on display, demonstrating his desire to bring out the light of the greatest contrast, that of white on black.

Extract from the article by Emma Noyant published in the N°97 of the review Art Absolument.


06/06/2021 - 01/11/2021
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