Un jour, la nuit… un regard

Un jour, la nuit… un regard : Flo Arnold  -    Un jour, la nuit… un regard : Jean-Marie Fondacaro -    Un jour, la nuit… un regard : Nathalie Deshairs -   

The exhibition

The exhibition "Un jour, la nuit... un regard" brings together the recent works of three artists: the visual artist Flo Arnold, the painter Nathalie Deshairs and the sculptor Jean-Marie Fondacaro.
The new series of sculptures by Jean-Marie Fondacaro, "Regard de l'aube", questions the place given to future generations, in the continuity of his work which questions man and his limits. The look exchanged with these children, their vibrant and disturbing presence, question us about the challenges of tomorrow.
Flo Arnold will unveil new organic and luminous installations. "Flo Arnold's sculptures float in spaces that open to thought, to spirituality, to inner travel. (...) The mobility of the gaze propelled by her luminous forms (...) liberates speech through the sensitive fiber of the world". Lionel Dax, Art Historian
For this exhibition, Nathalie Deshairs will exhibit eight paintings from her series "But? - the dance of the dark body emerging into the light." "The superposition of translucent tones, a few spots, a few drips, bring depth, evanescence. The human body floats in the space, it is the spirit which is released from all the constraints, which frees itself from the gravity. (...) Difficult art, because to reach such lightness, it is obviously necessary to have been in contact with the gravity of the world". Ludovic Duhamel, Le Miroir de l'Art


22/08/2021 - 15/09/2021
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