Antonio Seguí. Les Lumières de la nuit.

Antonio Seguí. Les Lumières de la nuit. : 1984-019©Christophe des Brosses   

The exhibition

Antonio Seguí, transformer of the story. A Latin American generalissimo crossing paths with a CIA agent, or perhaps two friends lost after a fancy dress ball... In the paintings of the Parisian Argentine Antonio Seguí, a host of characters leaves each one free to initiate his or her own narrative or to project a situation. And this is what makes the humanity he has been depicting since the 1960s continue to give itself as a catalyst for stories. By bringing together historical paintings - such as Varela's 1984 Tower, a view of frenetic agitation rising to the level of an edifice - and very recently completed paintings, the Geneva gallery Sonia Zannettacci exposes this narrative continuity.

Excerpt from the news published in the issue n°98 of Art Absolument.


29/09/2021 - 30/01/2022
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