Jean Le Gac – L'effraction douce

Jean Le Gac – L'effraction douce : Le Peintre invisible 2. 2008, peinture sur toile, 162 x 228 cm et photo-texte, 100 x 73 cm    Jean Le Gac – L'effraction douce : Trafic d’œuvres 2. 2008, peinture sur toile, 81 x 100 cm et photos-textes, 35 x 23,5 cm chaque.    Jean Le Gac – L'effraction douce : Message 15/16. 2010, deux peintures sur toile et photos-textes, 168 x 136 cm l’ensemble.   

The exhibition

Painter of a saga that is none other than that of the painter - a dreamed figure, between fiction and memories, an alter ego projected into an elsewhere that owes as much to the museum as to the popular literature of his childhood -, Jean Le Gac was also at the end of the 1960s the one who decided to abandon all classical pictorial ambition. Invited to the individual Mythologies of the Documenta of Cassel in 1972, it is by means of the narrative, in images and words, that he relays the activities of this "virtual painter", not without mixing elements of his own biography. After having "plundered" sanctuaries by depicting their treasures, put painting to death by dressing up as a lying toreador, or added his accessories to his file, his novelistic enterprise has since led him to track down Picasso and Braque even in his own domestic space - there again, the subject of a fiction, that of being a museum in his turn.

By Bruno Ely and by himself, extracted from the article of the n°99 of the magazine Art Absolument.


15/01/2022 - 04/03/2022
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