Hans Reichel. Lumières intérieures

Hans Reichel. Lumières intérieures : Hans REICHEL Poisson. 1946. Aquarelle. 14 x 21,5 cm    Hans Reichel. Lumières intérieures : Hans REICHEL Composition. 1923. 20,5 x 28 cm    Hans Reichel. Lumières intérieures : Hans REICHEL Pflanzlich. 1956. Aquarelle. 28 x 18,5 cm   

The exhibition

Hans Reichel, the painter who communed with nature

Reichel has his own language, less fashionable, all of animals, fish, banal flowers and birds, on a background of evanescent colors. Devoting himself almost exclusively to watercolor from 1937, he "wants the painting to embrace the paper, to cross its pores". A poet even in his choice of medium, the Bavarian almost became a writer before choosing painting, and tried his hand at the violin. His watercolors are marked by these disciplines: one finds both the notions of structure, repeated motifs and rhythm specific to music, and the lyricism of a poetry with childlike accents. Represented during his lifetime by the gallery owner Jeanne Bucher, naturalized French in 1948, Reichel remains an unknown painter. In the Orangery of the Maison Caillebotte, the proposed chronological tour intends to fill this gap.

Excerpt from Emma Noyant's article published in the No. 101 of Art Absolutely magazine.


22/04/2022 - 18/09/2022
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