Belgitudes : Pol BURY, Plan mobile, 1953, Métal, 30 x 57 x 15 cm, Collection Maurice Verbaet, ADAGP 2022    Belgitudes : Roger RAVEEL, Zand en plaatje, 1964, Huile sur toile, 100 x 77 x 2,5 cm, Collection Maurice Verbaet, ADAGP 2022    Belgitudes : Guy BAEKELMANS, Sans titre, 1969, Huile sur toile, 131 x 97,5 cm, Collection Maurice Verbaet   

The exhibition

Maurice Verbaet wants to be a must-see. And therefore more specialized: with its collection now numbering more than twelve thousand works, composed for the most part of post-war Belgian artists, it is done. Bringing together nearly a hundred works from this collection, the Belgitudes exhibition offers a rich and eclectic panorama of an art form that is too often ignored in France. But its goal is not to demonstrate the existence of a specificity to "Belgian art" or to essentialize it, but to prove the active participation of these artists in European and international artistic trends. Giving its letters of nobility to painters and sculptors sometimes fallen into disuse, the exhibition is divided into four rooms, each associated with a theme: "Plans, colors, movement" with Guy Vandenbranden or Pol Bury in particular, "Figuring, refiguring, disfiguring", "Signs, gestures, materials" which puts CoBrA's serpentine gestuality and Tapta's textile art in dialogue, and then "Plastic, erotic, media", with the now better known Evelyn Axell.

Extract from the article by Maeva Markl, published in the N°101 de la revue Art Absolument.


03/02/2022 - 09/10/2022
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