Sentir le monde

Sentir le monde : Les Ports Numero 9. 2014, photographie numerique    Sentir le monde : Le Marche? aux oiseaux Numero 2, 2021, grattage sur photographie, 40 x 30 cm    Sentir le monde : Ephese, 2017, grattage sur photographie, 30 x 40 cm   

The exhibition

"Raphaëlle Peria, the light below:

At first glance, the images that Raphaëlle Peria offers to see present a whole iconography of attractive subjects that essentially refer to nature,
if not to architecture: landscapes, trees, waterfalls, seabed, birds, cities, etc. Looking more closely, we discover that his photographs, even his drawings, have been partially “scratched” on the surface, magnifying them while freeing their luminous underside. Between sublimated visions and denunciation of the failings of the contemporary world (pollution, endangered species, etc.), the art of Raphaëlle Peria instructs the terms of a singular poetics.

Excerpt from Laurence d'Ist's article published in the No. 101 of Art Absolument magazine.


06/05/2022 - 31/07/2022
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