Fleurs ! 10 artistes contemporains défient le cliché

Fleurs ! 10 artistes contemporains défient le cliché : Miquelis, Les fleurs du mal, huile sur toile, 195 x 114 cm, 2019    Fleurs ! 10 artistes contemporains défient le cliché : Patrick CHAMBON, Fleurs des champs, pastel à l'huile, 120 x 80 cm    Fleurs ! 10 artistes contemporains défient le cliché : Corine BORGNET, Le bouquet royal, 2022, Os de volailles, vase en verre, 90 x 50x 50 cm   

The exhibition

The flowers exposed in the middle of the flowers

Is it surprising to see between the doors of the ethnological museum of Salagon - this space comprising no less than six hectares of garden - an exhibition honoring the flowers?
Located in Mane, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the museum has to date about 1700 species of plants, and it is with fervor that it presents this floral theme that crosses the history of art. Both admired and repudiated, the exhibition aims to remind us of what flowers represent above all: the grace of the ephemeral, which allows us, among other things, to "measure our own fragility in a time that seems to end without being able to foresee any future" as Evelyne Artaud and Christian Arthaud, the exhibition's co-curators, remind us. Contemporary artists such as Christine Jean, Jean-Michel Meurice, Gilles Miquélis and Véronique Pastor - to name but a few of the ten artists - propose to reinvest this theme that has been wrongly despised for too long. Flowers are the accessible coquetry, but also the incomprehensible beauty, which intrigue and always transmit this feeling of strangeness and freedom which already animated Van Gogh, Matisse, and many others.

Lolita Fragneau


01/07/2022 - 11/12/2022
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