Pablo Reinoso. Débordements

Pablo Reinoso. Débordements : Révolution végétale d'après Leonard, 2022 © Rodrigo Reinoso    Pablo Reinoso. Débordements : Nutrisco, 2022 © Rodrigo Reinoso    Pablo Reinoso. Débordements : La grande parole, 2022 © Rodrigo Reinoso   

The exhibition

Pablo Reinoso, nature took place

Closer to the engineering art of Susumu Shingu inventing poetic machines in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci exhibited in 2019 than to the visceral and rooted expressionism of Lydie Arickx and her Arborescences last year, the work of Pablo Reinoso, guest of this new season of contemporary art at Chambord, nevertheless shares with it a fascination for proliferation. Articulated like so many Overflows, his works are inscribed like grafts of the second floor of the castle, in the double revolution staircase and the gardens of the Domain.

Extract from the article by Emma Noyant published in the issue 102 of the magazine Art Absolument, published on July 13, 2022.


01/05/2022 - 04/09/2022
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