Eugène Leroy - Peindre

Eugène Leroy - Peindre : Autoportrait, 1960    Eugène Leroy - Peindre : Autoportrait, 1962    Eugène Leroy - Peindre : La Belle blanche, 1966   

The exhibition

King Leroy or naked beauty

The fascination of true intimacy is a major feature of living art. Eugene Leroy, unknown or almost unknown to the «general public», is the most cited of the painters who paint and who remedy, at this prodigious level of creation, the light shows of modernity. In Tourcoing and in Paris, two colossal exhibitions reveal this formidable presence. Eternal resumption of the beginnings of painting. For Eugene Leroy paints tirelessly, with full tubes, and lives slowly. We see in Tourcoing a painting begun in 1935, and ended the year of his death, in 2000. What does he pursue now, in the infinity of poignant nostalgia? It is like the relentless rise of a forgotten shroud, the burial of a distant flesh, the ultimate traces of a body that was of woman…
Christian Noorbergen

Eugène Leroy. Back to back. MUba Eugène-Leroy, Tourcoing. Until October 2, 2022
Eugène Leroy. Painter. Musée d'Art moderne, Paris. Until 28 August 2022


15/04/2022 - 28/08/2022
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