Toucher terre, l’art de la sculpture céramique.

Toucher terre, l’art de la sculpture céramique. : Vue de l'exposition, Toucher terre l'art de la sculpture céramique, Villa Datris, 2022    Toucher terre, l’art de la sculpture céramique. : Jacques KAUFMANN, Buncheong Melon, 2015, Céramique, 200 x 200 x 200 cm, Courtesy de l’artiste Photo © Jacques Kaufmann    Toucher terre, l’art de la sculpture céramique. : Claire LINDNER, The Fall, 2021, Grès émaillé, 215 x 175 x 30 cm, Courtesy de l’artiste et Nendo Galerie Photo © Anthony Girardi    Toucher terre, l’art de la sculpture céramique. : Lucie SANGOY, Hybride, 2020, Porcelaine et grès émaillé, Hauteur 40 cm, Courtesy Galerie Terra Viva Photo © Christine Réfalo   

The exhibition

At the Villa Datris, ceramics in all its states

For its twelfth exhibition, the Villa Datris, whose programming has been centered around contemporary sculpture since its creation, presents 103 ceramic artists of 23 different nationalities. The exhibition seeks to present a panorama of the infinite possibilities of creation that working with clay offers to artists.

At the Villa Datris, major artists such as Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Fontana or Miquel Barceló rub shoulders with young, as yet unknown artists, recently discovered by Da-nièle Kapel-Marcovici, founder of this setting for sculpture with her late husband Tris-tan Fourtine, and the permanent curator of the exhibitions Stéphane Baumet. The tour offers an eclectic panorama of their aims and methods of expression. "Living Matter: Magics of Nature," "Changing Matter: Alchemy, Organisms, and Hybridizations," or "Modern Matter: The Archaeology of the Future": as the names of the different sections suggest, the whole tends to explore both the techniques of shaping and firing clay, and the capacity to imitate or translate a subject or, on the contrary, the expressive potential in terms of formal liberation of a medium also considered by some artists to be a graphic medium.

Excerpt from Emma Noyant's article published in the N°102 of the magazine Art Absolument. Published on July 12, 2022


27/05/2022 - 01/11/2022
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