Miró à Zabalaga.

Miró à Zabalaga. : Vue de l’exposition Miró à Zabalaga, Chillida Leku, Hernani, 2022.   

The exhibition

Looking for a place (leku in Basque) "where my sculptures could rest and where people could walk between them as in a forest", the artist acquired in 1984 a traditional 16th century farmhouse (caserio in Basque) in Zabalaga, on the outskirts of Hernani, right next to his hometown of San Sebastian. Chillida Leku was opened in 2000 as a magnificent sculpture field, but only survived its creator for two years, closing to the public for economic reasons in 2011. Renovated thanks to the support of Hauser & Wirth, this great open-air work of art was able to reopen in 2019 its extraordinary garden, rich with some forty monumental sculptures, at the same time as its caserio dedicated to more fragile works (in wood, earth or paper), as well as to companion exhibitions on the second floor. Invoking some Women, Birds and other Wonders of the Majorcan garden of his "querido amigo" Joan Miró, the ultra-colorful tribute paid this year to his Catalan alter ego celebrates "the curves that tend to convexity", in the place of the one who said he was "rather concave".

Extract from the article by Emmanuel Daydé published in the N°103 of the magazine Art Absolument. Publication on October 14, 2022.


21/05/2022 - 06/11/2022
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